Leather Cider Journal Cover
Leather Cider Journal Cover

Leather Cider Journal Cover

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Creating this cover combines modern and traditional leather craft with laser cutting and engraving and hand dying and stitching.

Using natural 3 oz vegtan leather the cover is first laser cut and engraved with the cover title and apples plus cider quote on the inside pocket (you can personalize the inside right pocket if you want). 

After the leather pieces come off the laser they are first washed to remove the char and also to wet the leather before dying. A relatively light dye is applied and allowed to fully dry before buffing and the applying a protective coating.

After the leather is dyed and protected it is then hand stitched using the traditional leather working saddle stitch. This robust stitch ensures that even if the stitching were to get cut at some point, it would only affect a single stitch. Unlike machine stitching a hand stitched product is worked from both sides to essentially knot each stitch preventing the stitching from unraveling should the waxed string be cut.

The cover ships with a custom 3.5"x5" 33 books cider tasting journal. Designed to capture your notes on different ciders you taste. After filling the journal replacements can be purchased directly from 33 books

Due to the leather work time, turn around is typically 2 days for this product. 

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