24k Gold Slimline - Christmas Twist Pen

24k Gold Slimline - Christmas Twist Pen

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This pen is in the "slimline" style and features 24k gold plated fittings. This particular pen features a completely flat profile in the base, the same radius from tip to top for a truly "slim" feel, with an ever so gentle taper in the top.

The red part of the pen is bloodwood, and I'm honestly not sure what the top part is. I got a box of scrap cuts from an exotic wood dealer. It wasn't labeled and it's not something obvious that I recognize. It's got a kind of feathery pattern to it, gold/yellow with streaks of green throughout. 


This is a singular, one-off hand crafted piece. You are buying this exact pen, not one like it.

Pen uses a standard "Cross-style" refill, it is currently fitted with a medium black cartridge.

You can learn more about the different materials I use on the Materials Page!